Cathy Schlicht

Re-Elect for
Mission Viejo City Council

Save Proposition 13 Candidate Pledge

I hereby pledge my support of the Proposition 13 tax cut, and as an elected official, I promise that I will work to protect and preserve Proposition 13.

I support the principle that taxes should be approved by those who pay them, consistent with Propositions 13, 62 and 218.

Cathy Schlicht

·                     I will continue to be YOUR Voice of Reason for open Government and sound fiduciary protection of our tax dollars.

·                     I PLEDGE to represent you by demanding transparency in City government by understanding and complying with public awareness with full access to public records.

·                     I PLEDGE to never accept contributions or incentives intended to bias my vote.

·                     I PLEDGE to be open to all communications and seek Fact Based Decisions.

·                     I PLEDGE to consistently challenge status-quo expenditures to insure our monies are spent to improve our beautiful city for the benefit of all residents, not a select few.

·                     I PLEDGE to continue to hold City Management accountable to the highest ethics standards.

·                     I PLEDGE to assist and simplify business growth that improves our Community without sacrificing any of our charm.


That is my pledge to  you.  If you believe that we have better government through public participation, then please cast your vote on Tuesday, November 8 for Cathy Schlicht,  Thank you