Cathy Schlicht

VOTE - Cathy Schlicht for Mission Viejo City Council

Campaign Statement


Cathy Schlicht

Mission Viejo Businesswoman, former Mayor and concerned citizen.      



As a 37-year resident, I respectfully seek your vote to restore integrity in local government. I have a proven fiscally conservative record. In 2015, as Mayor, our approved budget contained 50% in reserves. Today  five years later, our current council has dropped our reserves to a dangerous 35.7% level. I will only support responsible spending, with the goal to honor public needs over special interests.

Public safety is my Number One priority and I am grateful for the courage of our police officers who preserve our liberties and the rule of law. Therefore, I support Proposition 20, and will work to return Mission Viejo to safest city in California. 

I will fight to protect Mission Viejo from high density re-zoning of our designated open space, including protecting the Casta del Sol Golf Course from development.

A two-year costly election lawsuit has put our city election code in question of compliance. I will address voter rights and work to close existing city council term limit loop-holes with a proposal for a term limit ballot measure.

I will work with our council and business community to retain, sustain and gain business. I support Prop 13 and oppose more taxes; therefore, I will vote no on Proposition 15.

Please vote for Cathy Schlicht.

As a private citizen or as your new council member I will:

         Uphold Current Zoning Codes and protect our open spaces 

         Oppose Multistory Mixed-Use High Density Housing developments

 Expose & remove the hidden city planned homeowner trash removal price increases 

          Re-Landscape declining slopes along roadways

         Maintain & improve playgrounds and parks for our recreational activities

         I respectfully request your vote and pledge to protect the original City of Mission Viejo Master Plan. - Cathy


I would be honored to receive your vote.


Our planned city is unique.

Active and informed citizens are an important safegard to maintain and improve our community!